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Guangzhou Huixintech will show typical models in The International Adhesives and Sealants Exhibition in Shanghai
Time:2015-08-28 14:26:18 Visits:606

Guangzhou Huixin M&E Equipments Engineering Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou Ji Han Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. ) will participate in The 8th Member Meeting and Adhesives and Tape Industry Annual Meeting, which will be held in 13th to 15th September in Shanghai Rainbow Hotel, and will attend to 18th China International Adhesives and Sealants Exhibition, which will be held from 16th to 18 September in Shanghai New International Exp Center,our booth is No. C016, 3rd Building. We warmly welcome old or new friends to visit.







Applications: Applicable to various coatings, inks, automotive paint, furniture paint, adhesives(glue), resin, chemical solvents, curing agents, lubricants, shoes glue, spray glue, and all kinds of liquids which can flow; Also, those samples have good look, easy to clean, the height of filling outlet can be adjusted up and down, forward and backward, and to the left side and right side; They are fit for filling round, square, and oblate barrels with the mouth in various diameters; The conveying belt can be automatically locked at full position; They have also such functions as automatic capping, automatic weight deviation alarming, automatic counting and automatic alarming; And be welcomed by our customers in two-speed filling is “fast & accurate” and performs good stability. For further information, welcome to our booth, then our engineers will answer your any questions on spot.

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