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1. Consultation form
Please fill in a consultation form to let us know your manufacturing processes and your requirement on equipment.


2. Communication by Phone
All the sales engineers of  JHAO  company have technical background in the field of chemical and machinery industry. At the same time,  JHAO people have accumulated rich experience and data in equipment application. Please pick up your phone and call our hotline, and you can get professional communication with our sales engineers. Let us know your basic situation of production process and production capacity and other data, and then you will get more reasonable production equipment scheme.


3. Online Consultation
Via instant internet messaging tools, like QQ, MSN, Ali Wangwang, and Huicong Fafa, you can find our customer service personnel at any time. We will quickly understand your needs and offer customized solutions for you.


4. Site Investigation
We will visit your company. According to your specific needs and actual situation of your plant, we will design or tailor-make better and more comprehensive scheme for your production equipment.


5. Trial Running before Sale
We welcome you to visit our company and try all kinds of models.  JHAO company has Commissioning Lab, where you can try different models and make clear your demand for different materials. Then you can find out right machines.