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1. Sign Contract
When you have full communication with our sales engineers, or we have a detailed investigation in your company, or after trial running in our factory, our sales engineers will record your specific requirements and various technical indicators, and then submit to the company for review. After the approval, we will offer you a cooperation agreement. In the cooperation agreement, the concrete details will be further confirmed.


2. Deliver Goods
We will arrange timely delivery by dedicated delivery personnel.


3. Installation and Commissioning
After the products reach your company, our technical personnel will reach your factory to install machines and conduct commissioning.


4. Operation Training
After installation and commissioning, our technical engineers will train your workers on equipment safety and operation, daily maintenance and points for attention etc., until they can operate skillfully by themselves. The customized design will improve your employee's work efficiency.

Afterwards, our sales engineers and after-sale service personnel will continue to follow the finished order. You will have our considerate and complete service.