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1.What is the difference between buying from Guangzhou Ji Han Automation Equipment Co. Ltd. and buying from each separate machinery factory?
Guangzhou Ji Han Automation Equipment Co. Ltd. owns its development team and factory, and also the company has formed partnership with upstream and downstream factories to offer chemical equipment one-stop service collaboratively.

First, we can provide convenient service with whole set of equipment provision. Chemical enterprises, if they need to buy some machines, do not need to visit many factories and buy filling machines, dispersing machines, sand mills, breaking machines, packaging machines one by one and compare many factories. They can get all the equipment they need in our factory and company at one time.

Second, we can provide consultancy on equipment model selection and associated equipment recommendation for customers. We can tell customers what filling machines are suitable for their materials, what dispersing machines are ok for their applications, and what sand mills are suitable for them. Customers will not meet the problem of wrong selection caused by their inexperience in buying machines. Also, they will get away from the risk of buying wrong machines which cannot be properly used in their factory.

Last, as the one-stop buying amount is relatively much higher than separate buying from one machine factory, we offer very favorable discount and competitive price to customers in terms of buying amount. Customers will not only save their purchase time but also save their cost.

2.What are the advantages of Huixin Tech brand filling machines?
Huixin Tech brand filling machine is our fist product, which is a result of our rich experience and consistent effort from over one decade operation. No matter single filling machine, or fully automatic filling lines, are all tested and improved in the practice over many years. The feature of being “fast” and “accurate” is always our advantage.


3.Can Guangzhou Ji Han Automation Equipment Co. Ltd. provide guaranteed after-sale service?
For domestic customers, we send our engineers to customer’s factory to do installation, commissioning and operation training. Besides, in case any customer has the problem of being unable to use some functions, they can call our hotline. We can offer response in 24 hours. Usually, we can answer their questions by phone calls. The cases which need our engineers to go to their factory to do maintenance and repair again are very few.


In addition, we provide one-year quality guarantee. If any machine supplied by us has some malfunction, if it is caused by quality problem, we offer maintenance free of charge. The problems caused by man-made mal-operation will be maintained with charge. After one year period, onsite maintenance or change of parts will be charged. But up to now, we have never met the cases of malfunction caused by quality problem.


4.Some machines are not made by Guangzhou Ji Han Automation Equipment Co. Ltd. itself. The price can possibly be competitive?
Guangzhou Ji Han Automation Equipment Co. Ltd. has integrated many manufacturers in chemical equipment industry and we provide collaborative service for customers by partnership. We can get much lower prices from collaborative factories than their ex-factory price due to the outsourced making. That makes our price competitive on market. Also, with our supervision on the orders, we can guarantee the quality and service for the equipment we supply to customers.


5.If a customer company is far away from the location of Guangzhou Ji Han Automation Equipment Co. Ltd., can the installation and after-sale support be guaranteed?
We are located in Guangzhou, South China, but our products and service have been extended to the whole country of China and also global market. In China, we send our engineers and after-sale service people to every customer’s factory. We have a few agents and service points around China now. On international market, we can also send our engineer to customer’s factory for installation, commissioning and operation training. Furthermore, we have agents in India, Dubai, Egypt, and Brazil to provide service. Customers do not need to worry about after-sale service. 


6.We produce adhesives. What models of filling machines are suitable for us please?
Adhesive must be divided into thin and thick categories. Thick adhesives can be filled with our A type of filling machines, either single head or double heads of filling machines contingent to their expected speed. We can also offer associated capping machines for them. Thin adhesives and glue can be filled with our B type of filling machines. For big production volume of one adhesive, our fully automatic filling lines can be used to improve production efficiency. With only one worker’s operation, 8-10 tons of materials can be filled or packed a day with fully automatic lines. It saves a lot of labor cost.


7.We produce paint and coating. What models of filling machines are suitable for us please?
Coating and paint factories are our major customers. There are many categories of coating and paint. Their cans and barrels are of many sizes and shapes. We need to select suitable models according to the shape and size of cans and barrels. Generally speaking, A type of filling machines is applicable to thick coating and paint and B type of filling machines is applicable to thin coating and paint. For many colors, G type of filling machines is better for the advantage of easy cleaning. For single-sized cans and big production, fully automatic filling lines are the right choice.


8..We are oil ink factory. Do you have suitable filling machines for us?
Oil ink filling application is one major application of our filling machines. Some ink is with rich bubbles. It can be filled with bubble-free (inside-barrel) filling machines to avoid spill from barrels. Some customers need to fill a lot of cans fast and the can size is not many. Then they can choose one-size fixed weight multiple heads filling machines to get high packing efficiency. If they have many colors, they should better select G type of filling machines which are easy to wash.


9.The chemical materials of our factory are with strong corrosion property. Do you have suitable filling machines?
Sure. We have treated many corrosive chemicals. Both the filling nozzles and pipe should be corrosion resistant. Also we must consider their bad smell. To avoid bad and pungent smell and to protect worker’s health, closed filling system should be taken.