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JHAO Company is establishing first-class service system. “Purchasing products means to purchase service”. Today, market has changed from seller’s market to buyer’s market and service level has become the symbol and strength of brand enterprises.  JHAO Company is dedicated to establishing top-class filling equipment brand and puts after-sale service to the same important position with that of technological upgrading and quality control.


1. Service Hotline  0086-20-39026273 

As long as you want to buy or have bought our products and need related service, or you want to buy similar products from other companies but need JHAO’s service, you can call our hotline: 0086-20-39026273 . Our expert engineers will response at any time; if it is unable to response promptly, we promise to make a reply or solution within 60 minutes. Our after-sale service database will record all call logs and problems since you buy our product.


2. Visiting Service
If technical problems or other operational problems cannot be solved through phone calls, we will send technicians to your working site. Our after-sale service personnel promises to arrive at the site as soon as possible and solve all your problems (In Pearl River Delta region we promise to arrive within 24 hours and for other places the time will depend on distance and traffic situation).


3. Online Customer Service
You can contact our service personnel by instant communication tools on internet at any time via QQ, Ali Wangwang, Huicong Fafa etc. If you use any other instant communication tool, please let us know and we will use the same to contact you.


4. Product Follow-up
We will follow the tracks of service from the date of delivery. Our after-sales service department will contact you when shipment is made, and tell you the arrival time, equipment situation, equipment debugging and operation training, etc. At the same time, we will customize and build the customer service database for you. Just enjoy the whole journey after-sale service of JHAO company.


5. Return Visit Service
Our engineers will pay a return visit to you regularly, and solve the problems caused during production.


6. Maintenance Service
No matter what makes your equipment in malfunction and your production is disabled, we will provide a solution or maintenance plan at first time after we are informed. If unable to meet your need, we will recall the product and send the same product to you on the same day to meet your production. Then you can send back the faulty machines to us for repair.


7. Product Accessories
In order to support your production fully, JHAOoffers a full range of spare parts services for you. Suppose you buy JHAO’s products, you will get more favorable prices and better service than normal buying on spare parts market.


8. Client’s Archive
We will have a unique file archive for each client and it can be checked at any time. The files will consist detailed record of customer requirements, our solution and every call log,