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Notice for the holiday of The 70 anniversary of the victory of the world anti fascist war
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Dear all,

This year is China people's Anti Japanese War and the 70 anniversary of the victory of the world anti fascist war memorial day. According to government’s rules, we’ll be off in 3rd September, 2015. For the convenience of your plans, below are the arrangement:

The holiday will from 3rd September to 5th September, totally 3 days. Specifically, Thursday is off (3rd September), Friday is days off (4th September), Sunday will rework (6th September).

During the holiday, kindly keep your cellphone awake for 24 hours, and make sure someone can contact you while emergency happen, take care of your own health and property.

For the staff whose hometown is far away from company, pay attention to your security when you are on the way or traveling. Buying return ticket beforehand to avoid the rush time, and go back the office on time.


Have a nice vacation!

Best regard.


                          Guangzhou Ji Han Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

                           21st August, 2015

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