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Huixin technology and you will join hands to participate in "China Internat
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    "China International Coatings Exhibition" (the 24th China International Coatings exhibition). The exhibition brings together the world's famous suppliers and purchasers in the industry, providing a good platform for the industry to exchange experience, discuss industry trends, learn knowledge and share resources. Since 1996, the exhibition began to serve the industry, and has been committed to providing an international exhibition and trade platform for the supply and manufacturers of the paint industry, and face-to-face contact with global audiences. 2019 "China International Coatings Exhibition" is coming back to Shanghai. It is a world-class coatings exhibition that exhibitors and visitors are bound to attend and visit!

    Guangzhou Huixin mechanical and electrical equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R & D and manufacturing of all kinds of automatic filling equipment and providing the whole factory with packaging solutions. The company has a number of professional technical personnel, with advanced production equipment, won the production certification of the National Metrology Department, established a sound quality management system, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and the national enterprise intellectual property management system certification.

    With the deep research of Huixin technology in the chemical industry, increasing investment in talents and capital, new technology has been constantly involved in the development and production of products. Automatic modules such as automatic barrel feeding, automatic filling, automatic cover placement, automatic labeling, automatic gland, automatic weighing and removal, automatic stacking, automatic winding, etc. have formed a whole automatic filling production line. From the single filling machine to the automatic filling line, a series of product solutions with complete specifications and numerous models have been gradually formed. Automatic, intelligent and efficient automatic filling production line complete set of equipment is favored by the users of major chemical enterprises, and will create more value for customers.

    The advantages of Huixin technology filling machine are: first, simple operation, labor saving, second, environmental protection, safety and beauty, third, high filling accuracy and cost saving. The structure is simple, the production cost is low, and the market competitiveness is improved; the whole process of automatic control, without human interference, and the labor intensity is low, which is conducive to the realization of automatic production of enterprises; the multi-layer stacking of materials can be realized, the height of stacking can be increased, the operation efficiency can be improved, and the positioning accuracy is high; the form and height of stacking can be modified according to the actual situation to adapt to the stacking of various specifications of products.

    The company's products are characterized by "fast", "accurate" and "stable" (i.e. fast filling speed, accurate measurement accuracy, stable and reliable quality), and have obtained more than 30 product patents, which are highly recognized by the industry and customers. The equipment is applicable to water-based oil paint, waterproof and anticorrosive paint, industrial paint, furniture paint, home decoration paint, floor paint, interior and exterior wall paint, white latex, real stone paint, resin, thinner, curing agent, varnish, automobile paint, atomic ash (putty), marble glue, AB glue, shoe glue, universal glue, spray glue, neoprene glue, ink, electroplating solution, lubricating oil, pesticide, daily chemical and other liquids and powders Various fields of bulk and granular materials.

    With the unprecedented development of the coating industry, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, people's awareness of environmental protection has been enhanced. Energy conservation, environmental protection and emission reduction have become the slogans of all walks of life. In this environment, the coating equipment has developed rapidly. Huixin technology will attend the 24th China International Coating Exhibition held in Shanghai from November 18 to 20. Huixin technology will take the filling machine equipment with innovative environmental protection and energy saving technology as the basis of the exhibition model.

     At the 24th China International Coatings exhibition, which will be held in Shanghai from November 18 to 20, 2019, booth No.: e3.b47. If you need to know more about the products and features or other functional requirements, you can go to Huixin technology's booth during the exhibition. At that time, our professional service consultants will give you detailed answers. Welcome friends at home and abroad to come for guidance and discuss cooperation.

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